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Monkey Playr review & (GIANT) $24,700 bonus

Monkey Playr Review –A Perfect Web-Based Application Helps Marketers To Start Collecting Leads On Any Video In Just A Couple Of Clicks

Monkey Playr is a web-based application which helps marketers boost sales, increase opt-ins and rake in more revenue.


What Is Monkey Playr?

Most website owners use standard Youtube embed codes on their sites and all of them are losing leads and making smaller profits as a result.

However, what if you could control and customize the look and feel of any Youtube and that you place on your website.

Now, with Money Playr, you can add any video from YouTube to your site or blog with all the cool features for free which the big video hosting companies usually charge for.

With this impressive new software, you can choose the exact start and end time for any video.

Monkey Playr is the ultimate website video player developed to boost sales, increase opt-ins and rake in more revenue.

You can easily set videos to autoplay when someone visits your site which is an important feature for sales letters and often pages. Alternatively, remove the YouTube logo from the player to give your video the ultimate clean and unbranded look.

Also, take advantage of the looping feature to make your videos automatically replay after they reach the end.

How Does Monkey Playr Work?

A quick glance on the video below to discover how does Monkey Playr work:


What will you get from Monkey Playr:

Here are several features inside Money Playr that you can get:


Use MonkeyPlayr to set the video's start and end times and show visitors the whole video or just a section that you want them to see.


Great for sales letters and opt-in pages where your conversion rates are key! MonkeyPlayr lets you automatically start ANY video playing instantly.


Want a simple, clean and unbranded player? Then select the 'Modest Branding' option which removes any logo from the player.


With Monkey Playr you can choose to loop the playback of any video or video playlist. (You can also choose to disable related videos if needed)


Attract more clicks and plays by using attention-grabbing images as splash screens for any video player.


Instantly boost your personal or business branding with a cool, custom watermark that sits over the video on playback.


Increase sales, boost opt-ins and send viewers to offers or affiliate promotions with an easy to add, timed clickable call to action.


A quick and easy way to get more eyeballs on your pages and posts - Add social share buttons to any video player.

Who Should Use Monkey Playr?

Monkey Playr is the ideal solution for:

Sales Videos (VSLs), Training/Explainer Videos, Product Showcases & Demos, Affiliate Review Videos, Blog Content Videos... in fact any video you need to put on your website! Just copy the Monkey Playr code snippet and add it to any page (including WordPress posts and pages).

EDIT PLAYERS CENTRALLY - Once you've created a player and added it to your site you can then control everything from your central dashboard - You can even update all your players remotely across multiple sites.

FOR HTML & WORDPRESS - You can use Monkey Playr on any website including HTML & PHP sites. Their smart script snippets also work on WordPress which makes adding videos to posts or pages easy.

EASY “NOTHING” TO CODE OR INSTALL - Because Monkey Playr is a web based service (SaaS) you do not have to waste time with messy installs or fret about modifying or editing any confusing code. It is fast, smart and simple!

SAVE WITH ZERO VIDEO HOSTING FEES - Why spend potentially thousands of dollars or be controlled with limited viewers with paid video hosting when you can harness the amazing power of YouTube which is 100% free and reliable.

YOUTUBE OR YOUR OWN MP4 VIDEOS - While Monkey Playr was primarily designed to enhance the playback of YouTube videos, you can also use the self-hosted .MP4 option to play ANY video that you like (just enter the video link).

Why Should You Get Monkey Playr Now?

Here are some proofs to show that Monkey Playr is working:

Compliant with youtube terms, Monkeyplayr can also do this:

·         Set The Width & Height Of Your Video Player

·         Set Your Video Player To Full Responsive Mode

·         Disable Dropdown or Video Information Boxes

·         Disable All Video Annotations

·         Disable Full-Screen Playback & Player Controls

No more hosting fees:

Monkey Playr will help you save hundreds, possibly thousands each year on video hosting fees by combining the power of youtube with the tech smarts of Monkeyplayr...

Autoplay Youtube videos:

With MonkeyPlayr, you can boost sales conversions and visitor engagement with auto-playing  just within one click (no complicated coding).

Self-hosted MP4 video:

In addition to YouTube videos, you can also use Monkey Playr with your own self-hosted .MP4 video files (stored on your web server or in the cloud with services like Amazon S3.)

Monkey Playr is a web-based application, that means you do not need to download or install any complicated scripts or plugins or worry about integrations.

Crop/Cut Video Playback

If you need to edit out an opening/ending of any video, it is relatively simple by using Monkey Playr to choose which section of a video you want your viewers to see.

Redirect to any URL at the end of playback:

You used to send a viewer to a specific link after they have finished watching your video? Just set the redirect URL in the player dashboard, and at the end of the video, the viewer will automatically be redirected.

Money Playr is perfect for affiliates and product vendors who want to send viewers to a special offer or promoted product link after watching.

Compliant With YouTube's Terms And Conditions: 

Monkeyplayr is 100% compliant with all of YouTube's terms & conditions.

You Can Use MonkeyPlayr With All Of Their Websites & WordPress Blogs: MonkeyPlayr will work on any regular website or blog, and you get unlimited players without restrictions.

Flexibility... With MonkeyPlayr you can have much (much) more control over how the videos look, act & function.

MonkeyPlayr Over A Paid Hosting Solution: 

If you would prefer to keep your money in your pocket (at least some of the time) then why not use both their player and a paid video hosting service & lower your bills.

Use MonkeyPlayr Over A Regular WordPress Plugin:

Central control and on the fly editing without having ever to touch your pages again would be a big reason... And their players go everywhere so you can use them on regular sites + WordPress blogs.

MonkeyPlayr Create Truly Responsive Players:

They can - how cool is that!!! You can set the exact, fixed dimensions or choose 'responsive' and your player will fit wherever it is put - perfect for tricky spots and mobile/tablet browsers.

You can add a Monkey Playr video to any web or store or blog page.

Here are some bonuses that you can get:

Exclusive Bonuses From Monkey Playr

Customize your Youtube Video quickly throughout 3 tools that Monkey Playr offers below:

Mail Gate Display

Set Your Mail Gate Display Timer To Show At Start, End Or Custom:

Place a Mail Gate at the start of the video, the end or at any custom time during playback – It is an easy way to boost your conversions!

MailGate Lock

Let Viewers Skip The Mail Gate Or Force Them To Opt-In To Watch:

You want to lock up a video and force viewers to opt-in before watching (or not?) It's up to you.  Build “Super-Targeted” Subscriber Lists.

MailGate Autoresponders

Integrates With All Popular Autoresponder Services:

Use Mail Gate with Aweber, Active Campaign, GetResponse, Mailchimp & ConvertKit and more.  Build your lists faster and easier!

Thus, get Monkey Playr now, and you will get some more bonuses:

#1: No Monthly Fees:

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