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My Start App review & bonuses - cool weapon

My Start App Review - 5 Minutes Mobile AppsMake Money With Mobile Apps Without Technical Skills, Marketing Knowledge, A Budget To Invest And A Lot Of Time

MyStartApp - 5 Minutes Mobile Apps is the first professional non tech mobile apps software and training platform that transforms you in a mobile apps entrepreneur as fast as humanly possible.


What Is MyStartApp - 5 Minutes Mobile Apps?

It's true that thousands of marketers, freelancers, home biz owners and entrepreneurs will attempt to make money, build businesses and provide services using the power of mobile apps.

The market for mobile apps is just shy below 5 billion dollars every year and this is the new Holy Grail of online business.

·         A few (a very few) will succeed wildly. 

·         A few more will wallow in the sad mud of mediocrity, neither experiencing the thrill of victory nor the agony of defeat.

These will live in "no man's land". Most will fail. Miseralbly and repeatedly. When I say "most" I mean 97%.

Perhaps you have already experienced one of these failures - after all the odds are over 97% that you have.

·         Maybe you know what it's like to strike out for your goal with enthusiasm, only to smash into a brick wall time and time again.

·         You do your very best to start making money with mobile apps but you end up with 0 results, few months older and broke instead.

·         Maybe you have suffered this kind of burning humiliation more than once.

·         Maybe you feel like no matter how hard you try, you're just never going to make money with mobile apps.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Don't feel bad - you are not alone and it's not your fault. The reason for your frustraded efforts is not a lack of willpower, it's not gullibility and it's not a moral failing on your part!

The reason why you can't seem to make money with mobile apps is really quite simple and even easy to fix.

What has hold you back is that you have been scammed by the so called "gurus", nobody has shown you the whole story or you didn't know how to overcome the lack of technical skills and marketing knowledge.

Let that soak in. What that means is that you were persuaded to buy more training and resources without having a complete solution.

They never revealed all the steps so you always needed to buy something more, later to find out that you need to buy something else again.

Painful, huh?

All you need is a simple to use zero tech skills needed platform to build mobile apps and a guide and training to do the research and monetisation properly.

And then you can enjoy making money with mobile apps.

And even better, you can start creating your first app in 5 minutes from the moment you login into the app builder.

There's no reason holding you back from the same kind of success others enjoy.

And there's even better news. You can enjoy that success faster, better and easier than those who came before you.

Because right now there's MyStartApp - 5 Minutes Mobile Apps, the first professional non tech mobile apps software and training platform that transforms you in a mobile apps entrepreneur as fast as humanly possible.

You can have your first app created in as little as 5 minutes from the moment you access the software app building platform. 

And if you follow the training in as little as 30 days you will become a full mobile apps entrepreneur.

If you can use the mouse, keyboard and follow directions, then you can start making money with mobile apps.

Maybe you feel like you've tried to make money with mobile apps before but it just never works out. So you're probably fairly skeptical about some software and training being the answer to your problem with 0 or very poor results from your effort to make money with mobile apps.

But this My Start App - 5 Minutes Mobile Apps is different. That's because:

-         The software platform is very easy to use even if you have 0 technical skills and you can create amazing mobile apps;

-         This force you to succeed by providing the training you need. Of course, you need to do your part to watch the videos and follow directions;

-         You will have access to the secret My Start App Facebook Group where you will be able to mastermind with the product creators and the other members;

-         We give you a complete business solution - please check the bonuses you receive with the purchase .

How Does MyStartApp - 5 Minutes Mobile Apps Work?

Special Features of MyStartApp - 5 Minutes Mobile Apps:

Choose from a number of features to incorporate into your applications.

-         Loyalty Card: Create one or more loyalty programs and begin gathering information on your clients in just a few clicks.

-         Discounts: Get your sales rolling with simple, fully configurable discounts.

-         Push notifications: Send messages directly to your clients' mobile devices. You can easily target your clients. It’s simple and unlimited.

-         In app purchases: Your customers will be able to buy directly from the apps products and services.

-         News wall: Share all your latest news with your clients and get their feedback and suggestions.

-         RSS/ Atom: Integrate content from your blog or other sites, directly into your application.

-         Social gaming: Challenge your clients and improve their purchase frequency.

-         Integration: You can easy integrate the apps with other platforms like autoresponders or else.

My Start App Has Loads of Powerful Features!

Photos and Videos Galleries: Photos and videos are the best way to convey the atmosphere of a celebration or store.


Product / price list: Emphasize the products and prices of your clients by making information available on their clients mobile.


White Label Admin Panel: You want to resell mobile applications to your clients. Would you like to enable them to manage their own application? No problem. We provide an interface in your image, with your design, in your name, on your website.


Touch to call: Calling a store is just a touch away. You can integrate the button into your application in one click. Clients will never have to hunt for the store number again.

My Start App Review and Bonus - My Start App

Geolocation: Integrate your store address and enable your clients to find it directly using the mobile application.


But What Else Can My Start App Do?

The product creators build well-adapted features for small businesses. As there is no interest to create mobile apps with no effective features, discover how ours will improve the marketing and CRM of local businesses.

Cross platforms: In one go, you can create applications that run on IPhone and Android, as well as a Webapp.

Loyalty card: Create a digital loyalty program featuring one or several cards.

Product/ price list: All products and prices at users' fingertips. A useful feature to let users share with their friends.

Your design: Custom every pages with your colors, and every backgrounds with your images.

Push notifications: Let businesses contact their clients whenever they want and whenever the need arises. It's unlimited.

Unlimited pages: Create as many custom pages as you need. It's unlimited.

Creation made easy: Admin panel in your name

Discounts: Get the store sales rolling with simple, high-performance discounts.

Photo/ video gallery: Highlight events and stores with attractive multimedia galleries.

Custom pages: Create pages with the content you need: text, photo galleries, videos, etc.

Social gaming: Challenge users and increase their purchase frequency. An original, fun, effective tool.

Promotion: Receive QR Code and POS ads to make the application known.

Admin Panel in your name: Get a fully white-label administration interface on your website in your own colors.

Special discounts: Send targeted discounts to best or worst clients to make them coming back.

CRM: Gain the advantage of a well-managed client base. Gather information to be used for targeted operations.

Contact pages: Allow one-touch-call, geolocation, links to social pages, and much more.

RSS Feeds: A blog or news feeds that you'd like to feature? Feeds can become part of your application.

Absolutely no coding: There's no coding included for using our platform. Everything is just point and click.

Cloud hosting: A safe, easy-accessed storage service for high-performance applications.

Social networks: Make your application and social network pages communicate each other.

News wall: Enable store to share with their clients and get feedbacks

Booking: Allow users to book a place or anything you want, with an easy and multi-store plug-in.

Thorough statistics: Keep an eye on your operations at a glance.

Easy as a br

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