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Nội dung thi nói chương trình PET level B1 (PHẦN 3)

Nội dung thi nói chương trình PET level B1
(PHẦN 3)

Topic 10. Describe a job you enjoyed when you was young (what job, what you did in the job, what qualifications were needed to do the job, why you enjoyed this job)

Policeman/ rich/ earn a lot of money Not Study hard/ life better
meet you now/ get wife now/ 8 or 9 years ago Wife’s father’s ill/ examined him/ met your wife/ he and his wife liked you/ love life/ love each other/ became …./ if policeman/ did not agree for

Topic 11. Describe a restaurant or café. (name, where, what it looks like, what kind of services, kind of famous/special foods is provided, reason you like to come there.

Topic: Describe a restaurant
Tense: present or past
Café near hospital/ well-known/ a lot of people go and drink coffee there Go with close / best friends who work with one’s hospital
The owner of the café’ is a woman/ young/ beautiful/ coffee is made by her is very tasty/ delicious/the view of the café is very beautiful and very quiet for sb to talk together Not fruit or cake…, only like coffee/ not faithful (8 years, long time to love one’s wife)/ sometimes at the weekend/ famous for dog meat/ Viet tri/500.000vnd

MỜI CÁC BẠN XEM TIẾP:cung cấp giáo viên nước ngoài

NGUỒN:cung cấp giáo viên bản ngữ

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