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Scary how Facebook is spying on you. Like having an app on your phone that turns itself on and sends data randomly isn't enough, now it asks you to send them your OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT ID? 

Why is our real identity so important? Why do you need to confirm it so much? What will you do with millions of Government ID which you've collected? Which links itself to people's accounts and where they are, what they do, who they are friends with? 

This feels like 1984, where the Thought Police controls what you do every minute of the day and can arrest you at the slightest sign of opposition. Facebook now possesses the same ability to know where you are, what you post, what you liked and what will they do with that information? god knows 

I compromised, I sent them my information, which I regretted immediately, because of how many photos, how much information and how many contacts I've had on this stupid government spying tool. I will continue to use facebook, though from now on, only as a means to contact people. I've moved on to other sites like Tumblr or Seen.is where your anonymity still matters. I don't want to wake up one day with police knocking on my door and go missing mysteriously because of something I've said on facebook 

Ugh. Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, take this middle finger and shove it up your arse, you privacy invading, spying piece of s***
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