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Uyen Linh and the crowd

1, Some people like Uyen Linh because she sings extremely well. Her songs make they feel happy, sympathize. Maybe she isn't the best singer, but her voice is the best with some one

2, Some people like Uyen Linh because crowd idolize Uyen Linh, and they follow movement :-j

3, Some people dislike Uyen Linh. They dislike for the simple reason that they feel Uyen Linh sing normal than the praise of media, so they think it's preposterous.

4, The remaining people hate Uyen Linh, "dìm hàng" her, because they want to show with the other people that their music taste is better, they different from crowd (although sometime crowd is true), or the simple reason is they have nothing to do, so they online to make quarrel with the other :-j

I hate type 4 :-j

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