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Moments of the Day

Let's put aside all the sad stories :)

1 - Mai should be in UK now, I wonder... Have a safe trip and a great journey afterwards :* :* :*

2 - I decided to buy 2 more (fake :-s) football shirts today, a white Portugal (for the team) and a black Germany (out of interest) - I do like the Germany shirt :D with my favourite black undershirt, black socks, black boots and black shorts (and the make of all those is adidas, yes!), it kinda make a matching armour set, which reminds me of Dragon Age XD

3 - Speaking of Dragon Age, I've just started to play it again. Best WIN moment of the day: Leliana who is a master archer, equipped with Marjorlaine's Recurve, using Arrow of Slaying, supported by Aim, Rally and Song of Courage slaps a strike of 825 damage in the face of a Darkspawn :X best one I've ever seen since I've started playing this awesome game :P

4 - I've been writing a few articles for HHT (about oversea life and studies), and they are pretty satisfactory :D

5 - The scooter has been fixed.

6 - The storm is coming.

And more to come :D
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