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when i was young, when watching some films on TV, it usually had scene that the boy played the guitar and sang a song for a girl, then she looked the guy shily. Formerly i was thinking that it was stupid, absurd and "sến", and until yesterday, that thinking was not change. But............

to day, it is the first time i am listened " I'm yours" by a handsome guy, he sings it for me, moreover he plays guitar very well :">

to day, it is the first time i duet sing a song with a boy :">

to day, i know more songs, such as "khi em xa anh". hahaa, the name is so stupid, but it is very very interesting, especially to be played by a guy with a guitar :))
YAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know why sometime he looks at my eyes while he plays guitar :(( you know, if a handsome guy sings and plays guitar for you, not only he plays guitar better than you and many other people in club, but also he looks at your eyes, i think your heart will beat like me ( ah, his eyes very beautiful, and when u look deeply into it, maybe yourself will be sinked into it ). I don't know he is purposeful or indeliberate, but.............haizzz, maybe i think so much about it, maybe i imagine, but to day, a heart of a girl is stirred :">


This is one of many songs that i like he plays :D


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