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21 Mar '10

The last weekend was good ;) 2 days in Cambridge was really nice. We could never escape the ducks! I have the feeling that those ducks were stalking my girlfriend and me everywhere we go >:) “Shutter Island” was a good change of taste from the movies we have seen together so far :P Well, personally, I liked the movie overall - the best part was the confusing ending. It drives the plot in a completely unexpected way and make you ask questions. And the great thing about it is that from that point where all the questions start popping up in your head, you can understand the whole story in at least 2 completely different ways =D It’s just simply mind-blowing once you’ve realised it =D

And the football today was good as well. Badminton on Friday was a bad idea as it left a quite serious pain in my thigh :( Walking was so hard already today, and I could only stand a few first games - but I was satisfied enough :D All those fast and highly skilled strikers from London 1 and FC London could not beat me in any 1-on-1, and I only needed to tackle one single time =D of course I went nuts when they started passing the ball because I couldn’t keep up most of the time (and I couldn’t come up for free kicks and corners because I was just too slow to come back :-s) but it was good still :P I’m feeling I’m in pretty good form now and just need to recover ;) SVUK is near.

Now, I’m back to Oxford with a Branos Combo Meal on the desk ;) A shower would be perfect after this spicy and yummy treat. If I’m too tired, I may just go to bed, but tomorrow on, revision will definitely fill my time table slots :) [not different from usual, but it’s still something significant enough to note down :P]
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