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  • cucuoichammuoi
    Không bàn nội dung đưa con số đúng hay sai, có đầy đủ không thì giọng điệu cả blog có hơi hướng bôi nhọ. Viết y theo kiểu cực đoan chống nhà nước nhưng ở đây theo chiều ngược lại.
    • dnk0904
      @cucuoichammuoi họ có references mà. rảnh thì ngồi đọc.
      Ví dụ:

      "Y is a Thai woman who arrived in Israel two years ago to work in an
      agricultural community. She and another woman were the only female
      workers among 40 male workers. When the other woman’s work permit
      expired and she left Israel, Y was left as the only female worker. Y was then
      moved to a storage room by herself that had no bathroom or shower. Y's
      employer told her that her new job was to clean his house as well as the
      houses of all his family members who were members of the agricultural
      community. She cleaned a total of seven houses every day, and was paid
      only NIS 16 per hour, far below minimum wage. The employer’s extended
      family soon began to sexually harass her. The employer’s father would
      touch her inappropriately and try to kiss her, while the son would come to
      her ‘room’ each day and tell her that she was expected to sleep with him
      once his wife left for vacation. Frightened, Y called Kav LaOved: the first
      time she notified KLO of her conditions; the second time because she was
      afraid she was trapped. Kav LaOved immediately helped Y to leave this
      agricultural community and took her to a friend's house to find a new
      job. Kav LaOved is now in the process of both filing a complaint with the
      police on Y's behalf and alerting the authorities about the situation in that
      agricultural community."

      Tài liệu từ Worker’s Hotline (NGO), tạm gọi là tin được.
  • dnk0904
    Nói về mặt trái của Israel thì có thể nói cả ngày được, nói chung là cũng không có gì đẹp đẽ cả. Trên /r/israel từng có vài thảo luận giữa người Palestina vs Israel rồi, sự thật vẫn là sự thật thôi
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