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  • javalamp
    Đọc mô tả về yêu cầu thấy còn "dễ" hơn tuyển Developer các bác ạ, cứ chung chung thế nào ý

    Male; Age: 30-45 years-old
    Bachelor degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Management of Information Systems, or related field required. PHD preferred.
    10+ years working in software and development engineering, product and project management, and technology and product leadership.
    5+ years of formal leadership experience.
    Experience in a rapidly growing global business.
    Have intensive network in technology field, have ability to gather high-ranking experts.
    Demonstrated strategic leadership agility and versatility working across various functions, departments and industries.
    Advanced technological skill set and a demonstrated history with technology.
    Experience with scaling and commercializing software products.
    Experience managing enterprise transformation and change.
    A high-level of communication skills: written, verbal, and listening.
    Have proficiency in working independently, persuading and inspiring; have persistence, passion of learning and imparting valuable ideas to C-Level board.

    Nhân tiện, đóng vai cảnh sát chính tả:
    Doctor of Philosophy thường được viết tắt là PhD, Ph.D., hoặc DPhil chứ PHD thì lần đầu tiên thấy
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