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  • HansNam
    First, the medical staff at the medical facility where the person was being treated are required to disinfect and seal the remains. It is forbidden to open the remains once they have been sealed. Second, the medical staff will issue a death certificate and notify the family. At this point, the local funeral services facility will be contacted. Third, funeral services personnel will then collect the body, deliver it to the relevant facility, and directly cremate the remains. A cremation certificate will then be issued.

    No one is permitted to visit the remains during this process. Relatives will, however, be allowed to take the remains after cremation has been completed and documented, the NHC explained in its Saturday announcement.

    Niêm phong, hỏa táng ngay lập tức, sau khi niêm phong, không ai được phép tiếp cận thi thể
  • DNM
    Quy trình chung cho mọi bệnh dịch hay con corona này có vấn đề gì sâu hơn mà nghe ghê vậy nhỉ?
  • longpm
    Có khi nào lại mất 2 quả thận và vài thứ khác. Quá bất thường
  • chaududan
    nên hỏa táng
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