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  • PU69
    @tanng cái này telegram trc cũng bị. Nhưng họ sửa rồi. sao bên anh fork lúc nào mà thiếu vậy
    Dev's comment:

    Disable Camera Init in Chat setting:
    App will no longer query camera resolutions when open chat, this means that first attempt of recording video message will start with some delay (I hope it will be short). Also camera in attach menu will not be visible instantly on first open.

    This is workaround for stupid OS and device developers who adding their custom device things to Camera.open instead of actually starting recording videos and taking photos.
    With this new debug menu option you can revert everything to old behavior.
  • soskhanh
    @zingdata zing hình như không thấy lên bài báo nào về Lotus cả
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