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  • tuanna0703
    Thí chủ cho tôi hỏi sau các khách sản này không thấy cầu trượt nhỉ
  • THL
    có vẻ còn quá ít ks, chưa đánh giá được gì.
  • vadaihiep
    This company does not have contacts with many hotels or any type of accommodations. By that I mean 1 or 2. Also they are only in HCMC and Hanoi. I booked a room in Hanoi and received no information about where I'm staying at. Even the pictures look suspiciously too good to be true. This app is a scam.

    1 Comment của android app, và đây là trả lời

    Thank you for your review. The issue you got is you booked hotel "Appro" in Hanoi. It's the hotel we created using company name for testing. We feel sorry that you didn't have good experience. There are many hotels in the App with real photos and specific price. All information about successful booking is easily checked in the App. Have a nice day!
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