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  • kekin
    After sex she would go to the restroom to clean up and when she returned she would always bring back a wash cloth, damp with warm water. She would use it to clean me up while giving a light hand job. It was always the perfect temperature and just wet enough to not drip on the bed. Usually she would give it a little kiss on the tip afterwards. 

    Awwww...!!! <3
  • tutuxinhxich
    [–]MarvinLazer 10.6k points 1 day ago*

    I had a one night stand with a girl in LA who did this thing where she could... make herself tighter, and sort of "grab" my d*** while I was inside her. It was completely f****** amazing. Never met anyone before or since who did that.

    EDIT: My all-time top comment is about vagina grabbing. I'll take it.

    Được rồi để em comment xem có được lên top ko.
  • dzerg
    Cái này k nên send lên linkhay mà nên ném lên mấy chỗ hội eva post lên đây toàn mấy ông về đấu kiếm nhau thì có
  • thinhvt
    ass f**king