Top Santa Claus Merry meals on Wheels ugly christmas shirt

nbnpremium 27.02.2024
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EDIT: Please view my comment discussion with Chris Winston for more info on the subject. She took another picture while posing with a traditionally Eastern ‘Namaste’ hand pose, and thats what a lot of the backlash was about. There’s nothing harmful or offensive going on here. She’s wearing a hairstyle. Why does it matter whether or not her people invented that hairstyle? It’s ridiculous to compare someone to a colonizer for wearing a hairstyle from another culture. When a colonizer colonizes, they actually take the land from the natives. When Kim Kardashian wears this hairstyle, she isn’t taking anything away from the people of the Fula tribe; it’s still their hairstyle and they can wear it all they want. Cultural appropriation is a concept that was born out of the resentment of white people. This is a resentment that forms when you believe white people both advertantly and inadvertently structure society to benefit themselves and oppress minorities.

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