Dak Prescott yeaah here we go Dallas Cowboys shirt

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When I was in graduate school for my MBA in management, a close friend of mine suggested we get an emphasis in accounting. That sounded like a good idea to me so the two of us, as graduate students, signed up for an advanced undergraduate accounting course. During the class my buddy became infatuated with this girl Sondra. Sondra was damn good looking and hung out with a couple of other hotties in the class. They were certainly a very nice distraction to otherwise dry subject matter. Our first test was a take home mid-term based on questions that were from a recent CPA exam. That meant they were very difficult questions but it also meant that there were places to find the answers if you knew where to look. CPA exams weren’t published back then BUT there were study services that would reproduce (and answer) the test questions to help students study for future tests. One of our fellow graduate students was studying for the exam and his study guide had four of the questions. The fifth question was right out of the ‘Kieso’ teachers’ manual which, as graduate student teaching assistants, we had access to in the TA library.

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