Goose Dec 8-9, 2023 Hampton Coliseum Hampton, VA Poster shirt

squadgifts 26.02.2024
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And our little, aloof, undemonstrative, tortie jumped on the bed. And started digging under his pillow, into his side of the bed under the blankets, crying all the time. Well, husband had successful surgery, went through the whole hospital stay, rehab stay, and came home a month after we had rushed out of the house. We got him all settled in his chair when our cat came out of the back. She sniffed the air, walked around looking at him, meowed, and jumped into his lap. Purring and burrowing into his arms. She stuck close to him for a while, until everything got back to a normal. I’d had her for 13 years. She was 17 when she died. She had multiple organ failure. We had been away on a Scout camp and in the weeks preceding, she had been a little off her food. Nothing out of the ordinary, she was always fussy when it got hot. Anyway, on Sunday when we got back we weren’t greeted with an annoyed, attention less cat. Odd, scouted the house nowhere to be found. After three hours of panic, I found her, listless in my wardrobe, on top of my favourite jumper. Straight to the vets, speed limits obviously observed (not). Left her overnight, went home and absolutely bawled my heart out for a few hours.

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