Splitting a single VCF (vCard) file into multiple VCF

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Rundown: This article digs into an answer for settling the issue of parting a solitary VCF (vCard) record into various VCFs. Numerous clients look for such arrangements, and here, you'll track down both manual and mechanized strategies to easily achieve this assignment.

vCard, a generally upheld design by email clients and applications, fills in as the focal point of this conversation. The manual arrangement introduced here frames the utilization of the Windows contact organizer, offering a clear system. Immediately, we should investigate this manual method.

Divide VCF Document to Various Contacts in Only Couple of Snaps

  • Start by introducing the vCard record parting program.
  • Select the "Add Record" choice.
  • Pick the particular VCF record you expect to part.
  • Click on "Commodity Chose."
  • Empower the "Split vCard" choice.
  • Close the cycle by tapping the "Product" button.

Manual Way to deal with Split Single VCF to Numerous VCF Record

This part takes care of those looking for a free answer for address the subject of how to part a solitary VCF record into various VCF documents. The arrangement is framed in two sections, expecting clients to initially change over the VCF document into Windows Contacts. In the subsequent part, clients then, at that point, trade Windows contacts into a solitary VCF record. Albeit the interaction is fairly extended, it gives a savvy way to deal with accomplishing the ideal result.

Stage 1: Convert Your VCF Documents to Window Contacts

  • As the underlying step, explore to C:\user%username%\contacts and click on the import button.
  • Continue to the Import Windows Contact choice exchange confine the following stage. Pick VCF and click on Import.
  • In the ensuing step, select the document and decide on "Split VCF into numerous contacts."

Following this, you will be coordinated to the property window consequently. Click the alright button to finish the interaction.

Stage 2: Windows Contacts into a Solitary VCF Record

  • After completing the previous step, click the product button inside the Windows Contacts area. Utilize the ctrl key to choose numerous areas if necessary.
  • In this way, pick the vCard choice and snap the product button.
  • At long last, press the alright button to finish up the interaction.

Disadvantages of Manual Methodology to Part vCard Record

Here is a modified form featuring the downsides of the manual arrangement:

While this manual arrangement successfully addresses the question of how to part a solitary VCF into numerous VCF documents, it accompanies specific downsides:

Tedious Cycle: The system is tedious and includes an extensive series of steps. Saving each contact separately can be especially bulky, particularly while managing an enormous number of contacts. For example, handling 500 contacts might require several hours to finish.

Information Uprightness Worries: There is a gamble of missing contacts during the cycle, possibly prompting a deficiency of information respectability. It's crucial for practice wariness to guarantee all contacts are precisely moved.

Fundamental Specialized Information Required: Effectively finishing this cycle requires an essential degree of specialized information. Clients might find it trying without a key comprehension of the techniques in question.

Brilliant Way to deal with Split Single VCF to Various VCF Records

In the former segment, we examined the manual arrangement and its functional subtleties, alongside the constraints it involves. To address these requirements really, we present the ideal mechanized arrangement - the vCard Split Device. This product stands apart as the most ideal decision for settling the test of parting a solitary VCF into numerous VCF documents.

Recognized by its easy to understand interface and clear activity, the vCard Split Instrument wins over the constraints related with the manual methodology. We firmly suggest this arrangement, which improves on the interaction as well as works flawlessly with all vCard variants, including 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0.

Dealing with the vCard Splitter Instrument

• Introduce the product and select the Add Record choice on the left top of your screen.

• Raise a ruckus around town choice and go through the subsequent stages.

• Select Split VCF Choice.

• In the last step, hit the Commodity choice and end the cycle.


In this complete aide, we offer an answer for the question of how to part a split  VCF record into numerous VCF documents. We cover both manual and computerized systems, diving into the complexities of every technique. Also, we frame the downsides related with the manual procedure and give bits of knowledge into beating these restrictions. We want to outfit you with a balanced comprehension of the interaction and engage you to pick the most reasonable methodology for your necessities.

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