Everything You Like I Liked Five Years Ago T-Shirt

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Everything You Like I Liked Five Years Ago T-Shirt

T-shirt palace allows the user to design their own T-shirts. The app is easy to use the shirts run t can you true to size , and I am very pleased with my order.

Was a gift for my sister’s birthday. It looked great and she absolutely loved it! Would definitely buy from them again!

The t-shirts appeared just as expected and arrived in a reasonable time. Sizes and colors were accurate.

Product came fairly quickly, price was good, shirt is good quality. The graphic is an iron-on, not screen printed which I prefer, but that's why I bought two of them. All in all I like the shirt, and everybody else does too. I'd but from them again. Now if they could sell one that says 'Don't piss off old people. The older we get, the less the term "life in prison" is a deterrent", with a good gun graphic, I'd buy a could of those as well..

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