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nbnpremium 29.02.2024
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And I love the Swedes who have congratulated us on Twitter and admired our playing style in their newspapers. Of course I also love Russia who opted for losing their only game in the whole tournament on the precise moment when that was called for. And Canada! How can I thank you enough! I loved you already before yesterday, but you took it to the next level. You have won the world championship so many times that you probably don’t know what this means to us here in Finland. People flood to the streets in the middle of the night, hug strangers, and sing aloud. And if you have any idea of the typical reservedness of Finns, you realize that that is truly exceptional. Like the blogger Kasper Strömman wrote[2], Finns have finally momentarily accepted that they really are the happiest country in the world, at least until next Thursday when everything will go back to normal again.

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