Immortal Moment In Iron Bowl History 4th And 31 Alabama Crimson Tide 27-24 Auburn Shirt

squirreltee 24.02.2024
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Doesn’t look like Laurence Olivier or Kenneth Brannagh does he? However this a portrait of Henry V. You know, the Immortal Moment In Iron Bowl History 4th And 31 Alabama Crimson Tide 27-24 Auburn Shirt in contrast I will get this bloke that stuck two fingers up to the French at Agincourt. You are looking at the profile of the left side of his face. You will only see portraits where he is looking to the right. The reason for that is when he was 16 he took part in the Battle of Shrewsbury in 1403. During that battle a arrow, probably with a bodkin arrowhead struck Henry’s breastplate, He either was not wearing a bevoir or it was open.The arrow was deflected upwards into the right side of his face. The usual method of removing arrows from someone still breathing was to cut the shaft, take a hammer and knock it out the other side, hopefully avoiding any major blood vessels. I that was not possible you could remove the shaft put a sharp knife down into the wound and use the knife and forceps to extract the arrowhead, Sometimes arrow spoons might be used which fiited over the arrow head during extraction. However these methods were unsuitable as the bodkin point was in the Prince’s skull. most surgeons wouldnt dare risk such a risky operation. Enter John Bradmore who before the battle had been in prison for using his metalwork skill for conterfeiting coins. Barber Surgeons had to to turn their hand to many skills. Bradmore instructed honey be poured into the wound and he invented a special tool that had screws that expanded into the cap of the arrowhead and enabled the arrowhead to be extracted.The reason you only see Henry in profile is because he was scarred under the eye.

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