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nemoclothing17 02.03.2024
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the Niners magical mystery tour shirt moreover I will buy this fashion industry. Brands are offering customization options that allow consumers to design and personalize their clothing and accessories. This shift towards individuality and self-expression caters to the desire for unique and personalized products. These are just a few examples of how the fashion industry has evolved. It is a dynamic and ever-changing industry that continues to respond to new trends, consumer demands, and societal shifts. While not a major trend yet Skirts are making a comeback for men. Presently men are wearing short skirts for hiking, running, driving and when sitting. It makes sense… a skirt has no crotch binding inseams, is cooler than shorts on a hot day and if really short freedom of movement is outstanding and unlike anything most males wear. This “trend” is gaining momentum by males without issues who are not Social Conformists. These are males who think for themselves and not following the sheep like most. The situation is no different than when women adopted men’s pants in a big way in the later 60’s with their more open minds.

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