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Ohio State will find some computer ranking somewhere, and claim the national title. They shouldn’t. Georgia has better players. The problem is that Kirby Smart can’t coach his way out of a wet paper bag. If he doesn’t overwhelm you with the talent he has, he doesn’t win. I can think of four other coaches in the SEC who, if given Georgia’s roster, could put up numbers that would make that team a candidate for the best of all time. The thing about a situation like this, when a vastly superior coach beats a better team and then has to face them again, he usually won’t beat them twice. When you outcoach a better team and win, you’ve shown your hand, and even a coach who is no good can usually adjust to what you did. And then it’s just a showdown of talent, and the better Jimmys and Joes will win when not saddled with inferior X’s and O’s. More than likely, Georgia will win. If they don’t, Smart should resign in disgrace, although he won’t. If he doesn’t win the national championship this season, he never will. Josh Heupel and Billy Napier are going to make life in the SEC East a lot tougher very soon.

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