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The classic answer to this is Larry Yount. You may have never heard of him, though you likely have heard of his younger brother, Robin, who is in the Hall of Fame. So, Larry. A pitcher, he was drafted by the Astros in 1968, made his professional debut later that year at A level, and even spent some time at AAA, but nothing out of the ordinary. The elder Yount made progress, reaching AAA in 1971. The Astros called him up for a September cuppa coffee. On 15-September, the Astros were hosting the Braves, and were down 4–1 after the bottom of the eighth, during which the pitcher had been removed for a pinch-hitter. Houston needs a new arm on the mound. Yount gets the call. He climbs the hill, starts warming up… and injures his arm. Yount, who had been announced and therefore was considered to have appeared in the game, was removed. Jim Ray pitched the top of the ninth, and the Astros picked up a run, but the final favored Atlanta, 4–2.

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