Funny Undeath Rochester New York 2023 Shirt

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The owner of the Expos would raise good players but wouldn’t trade or sign free agents. Bronfman wanted to keep pay low and accepted losing. A lot has to do with the troubling politics in Quebec. Companies and people with money re-located to Toronto. So that is where the dollars are. The Expos had to trade off or lose their best players — Andre Dawson, Gary Carter, Vlad Guerrero, Larry Walker, Tim Wallach, Andres Galarraga. Playing in Olympic Stadium did not help — it was not designed for baseball. The Jays made some good trades and signed stars with all their money and a city that was more appealing for most players. The Expos traded for the great Pedro Martinez — it wasn’t enough. A lot of Montreal fans never returned after the strike, in a season where it looked like we might win it all. Toronto fans came back.

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