Official I Stand With Israel JerUSAlem Shirt

squirreltee 24.02.2024
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It’s faster to iron several shirts at once than one at a time – speaking as someone who ironed uniform shirts for herself and her spouse – it was easier to prepare two or three shirts each & do them at once than it was to pull the Official I Stand With Israel JerUSAlem Shirt also I will do this iron & ironing board out every day for one or two shirts (one each). Have the shirt(s) damp, the ironing board out & raised to a comfortable height, and the iron heated up. A steam iron is not needed, as long as the shirts are evenly slightly damp. A steam iron will let you use the steam to add moisture to a dry area if it ends up with a visible wrinkle. Start with the collar & press from the underside, then the yoke (flat on the board with one sleeve over the pointed end of the board), next move on to the back under the yoke, then the side with the buttonholes, and the button area needs to be ironed from the back – once that area is flat, the rest of the front can be ironed from the front. Next – the cuffs on a long shirt with the sleeves last & ironed flat with the seam as the location of the bottom fold. No, I’ve never ironed a shirt inside out unless there was a graphic or picture that the iron would have damaged. I’ve never had issues because of this either.

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