"I'll show you that I'm not lucky this year"

outlookindia778 25.02.2024
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I'll show you that I'm not lucky to receive a skill improvement award."

The 2023 KT Wiz Fan Festival held at Sun Seung-kwan, Kyung Hee University International Campus, on the 26th. It lasted for about two hours with KT's team, including captain Park Kyung-soo and Park Byung-ho, and 2,500 fans in attendance.

On this day, the 2023 Fan Festival Awards, which fans chose themselves, was held. The awards were divided into five categories: the Skills Development Award of the Year, the Icon Award of the Year, the Best Bromance Award, the Highlights of the Year, and the Magic Award of the Year.

First of all, the award was given to this year's skill development award. Pitchers Son Dong-hyun, Lee Sang-dong, and infielders Oh Yoon-seok and Lee Ho-yeon were the candidates. As a result of the vote, Son Dong-hyun received this year's skill development award. It was a result that everyone had to accept.

Sohn Dong-hyun, a Seongnam High School native who joined KT after receiving the 21st pick in the 19th round of the third round, joined the military after the end of the 2020 season to resolve his defense obligations. Son Dong-hyun, who returned to the team after completing his military service, played as a KT must-win group this season and gave his team a great boost. No one expected the performance.

In 64 games, he had a career high season with 8 wins, 5 losses, 15 holds, one save, and a 3.42 ERA. Son Dong-hyun, who had a decent performance with a 4.75 ERA in 34 games in the 2019 season, two wins, three losses, and five holds and a 5.31 ERA in 23 games in the 2020 season, was said to be in full swing this season.

Fans shouted Son's name and applauded him.  스포츠토토사이트

The unknown set-up man has now proudly established himself as KT's must-win group. What kind of performance will he show next year.

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