Esports LoL National Team Assigned to Group A

totosafeguide 24.02.2024
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[Asian Games] Esports LoL National Team Assigned to Group A… Looks Like we'll Meet China in the Semifinals

The esports League of Legends (LoL) national team participating in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games (AG) will play in Group A along with Hong Kong and Kazakhstan.

According to the Hangzhou AG organizing committee on the 22nd, the LoL national team will face Hong Kong at 9 a.m. and Kazakhstan at 11:20 a.m. at the Hangzhou Esports Center on the 25th.

Group stage matches will be played as single games, and the team that ranks first in the group will advance to the quarterfinals. 스포츠토토

From the quarterfinals onwards, matches will be played in a best-of-three format.

Group B includes Japan, Vietnam, and Palestine, Group C includes Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates, and the Maldives, and Group D includes Thailand and Macau.

Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, India, and China, who won the pre-tournament 'Road to Asian Games (RDAG)' regional competition, will begin the competition from the quarterfinals without a group stage.

In the case of Hong Kong and Kazakhstan, as they are classified as relatively weak teams compared to Korea, there is an analysis that they can advance to the quarterfinals without difficulty.

On the other hand, Group B is expected to be the 'Group of Death' as ​​both Japan and Vietnam showed similar performance in LoL international competitions.

The team ranked first in Group A will face Saudi Arabia in the quarterfinals on the 27th.

China, a strong candidate to win the LoL event along with Korea, will play the team ranked first in Group D in the quarterfinals on the same day.

If Korea advances to the quarterfinals and defeats Saudi Arabia, it is highly likely that they will face China in the semifinals on the 28th.

In the Hangzhou AG LoL match, Choi Woo-je (T1), Seo Jin-hyuk (JD Gaming), Sang-hyuk Lee (T1), Jeong Ji-hoon (Gen.G), Park Jae-hyuk (Jingdong Gaming), Ryu Min-seok (T1) will participate.

The Battleground Mobile (AG version) national team was assigned to Group C in the first round of the second preliminary round, in the same group as Vietnam, Nepal, and the second-place team in the first round of the preliminary round.

The national team will participate in the game starting at 3 p.m. on the 28th, and depending on the results of the game, the round of 16 is scheduled for the 29th, the semifinals on the 30th, and the finals on October 1.

The FC Online (formerly FIFA Online 4) national team will play starting on the 24th, and the Street Fighter V national team will start playing on the 26th.

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