'1st place in regular season' LG coach Yeom Kyung-yup "Biggest goal KS remains"

sportstotolink 03.03.2024
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Captain Oh Ji-hwan "We will win the unified championship that everyone wants"

After clinching first place in the regular season, LG Twins manager Yeom Kyung-yup and captain Oh Ji-hwan expressed their desire to win the unified championship.

After LG clinched the top spot in the regular season on Wednesday, Yeom said through the organization, "I'm very happy that we achieved our first goal, the top spot in the regular season," and added, "We still have the second biggest goal, the Korean Series. From now on, we will make a good rest and training plan and prepare well."

LG, which did not play on the day, erased the magic number '1' that secured the top spot in the regular season as the second-place KT Wiz and third-place NC Dinos lost to the KIA Tigers and SSG Landers, respectively.

This is the first time in 29 years since 1994 that LG has topped the regular season standings in a single league, excluding the post-war era (1985-1986) and the two-division era (1999-2000). It is the third time in history that LG has won the top spot in the regular season, following the 1990 and 1994 titles.

It also marks LG's first appearance in the Korean Series in 21 years since 2002, when they finished as runners-up.

This is the first time Yeom, who was the head coach of the Nexen Heroes (now Kiwoom) from 2013-2016 and the SK Wyverns (now SSG Landers) from 2019-2020, has experienced the top of the regular season as a head coach.

"Thanks to the fans who came to many away games over the course of the year and supported us passionately at home, we have been able to top the regular season for the first time in 29 years. Thank you," he said, before thanking the fans and applauding the players.

"It was a tough season, with many twists and turns. But our players, centered around our captains Oh Ji-hwan and Kim Hyun-soo, and pitchers Kim Jin-sung and Lim Chan-kyu, played their best game by game for the first place in the regular season," he said, emphasizing, "I want to say thank you and congratulations to the players."

"I'm also grateful to the coaching staff, who were angry and nagged a lot over the course of the year, but guided the players well in the direction we wanted to go," Yeom said.

"Owner Koo Kwang-mo, acting owner Koo Bon-neung, CEO Kim In-seok, and head coach Cha Myung-seok supported and believed in us. I'm grateful for their shadowy support behind the scenes," he said, adding, "I want to share this joy with the fronts who struggled."

"The first regular season title in 29 years is the result of the team, the front office, and the fans," said captain Oh Ji-hwan. "I'm grateful to the manager, the coach, our players who played well as one, and the front office who helped us from behind. On behalf of the team, I would also like to thank all of our fans for their passionate support."

With their title aspirations half fulfilled by clinching the top spot in the regular season and advancing directly to the Korean Series, LG will now set their sights on the overall title.

"We will prepare well so that we can smile until the end in the Korean Series, which is our biggest goal," said Yeom.

"It's a daunting moment to be ranked first in the regular season after 29 years, but we will not be satisfied and will do our best until the end to achieve the unified championship that everyone wants," said Oh Ji-hwan. 스포츠토토링크

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