Archer Lee fails to reach recurve final, men's individual gold hunt ends

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Losing in a shootout in the semifinals

South Korean men's archer Lee Woo-seok (Kolon) failed to reach the final of the recurve men's individual event at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games.

Lee lost in a shootout against Qi Xiangxu (CHN) in the semifinals of the men's individual recurve archery competition after a 5-5 (28-28 28-29 29-26 30-27 27-28) tie after five sets at the Fuyang Throat Sports Center in Hangzhou, China on Wednesday. Lost 5-6.

If the match is not decided in the fifth set, a shootout will be held to decide the winner on the last shot.

Both Lee and Qi Xiangxu scored 10 points, but Qi's bow was closer to the center of the bull's-eye, sealing Lee's defeat.

Five years ago, when Lee was still in the military, he lost the individual final at the Jakarta-Palembang 2018 Games to senior Kim Woo-jin (Cheongju City Hall), so he was happy with the silver medal. The team also took silver.

Lee was hoping to win his first Asian Games gold medal at this event, but he fell short on the final day.

Lee Woo-seok, who came through the ranking round as the No. 1 seed, may have failed to win the individual gold medal, but he can still go for the double in the team and mixed events.

After an exploratory first set tied at 28-28, Lee dropped the second set to fall behind 1-3.

He could have easily lost his composure, but he stayed calm.

He took the third set 29-26 to level the set at 3-3, and then scored 10 unanswered points in the fourth set to take a 5-3 lead.

However, he dropped the fifth set 27-28, forcing an unwanted shootout.

After Oh Jin-hyuk (Hyundai Steel) lost his round of 16 match in a shootout the day before, Lee Woo-seok suffered the same fate. Lee will play the bronze medal match on Sunday.

Meanwhile, in the women's individual recurve event, Lim Im-hyun (Korea Gymnastics University) and Ahn An (Gwangju Women's University) reached the finals side by side to secure the gold and silver medals. 카지노사이트존

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