Women's handball advances to final with sweep of China on verge of third straight Asian Games title

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Korea wins 30-23 over China in women's handball semifinal

Ryu Eun-hee with 7 points, Lee Im-kyung with 6 points, Kang Kyung-min with 5 points

South Korean women's handball is one step away from a third straight Asian Games title.

The Korean Women's National Team, led by Henrik Signell (SWE), advanced to the final with a 30-23 win over China in the Women's Handball Semifinal at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games on Wednesday at the Zhejiang Gongsang University Sports Center in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China.

By reaching the final, South Korea will try to win its third consecutive Asian Games women's handball title. Since handball became an official sport at the 1990 Beijing Games, South Korean women's handball has swept the gold medals with the exception of a bronze in Guangzhou in 2010.

They will face the winner of the Japan-Kazakhstan quarterfinal on Friday.

Europeans Ryu Eun-hee had seven points, Lee Im-kyung six and Kang Kyung-min five.

South Korea opened up the scoring early in the first half, with Ryu Eun-hee leading the way. 카지노사이트랭크 The defense forced China to make mistakes and goalkeeper Park Se-young continued to make saves. The score grew to 5-1.

The hosts were no slouches either. The Chinese pulled within one point with goals from Qin Mengqing and others, before Kang Kyung-min and Song Ji-young gave Korea a 15-12 lead.

Shin Eun-joo was sent off for two minutes for defense, and China's Liu Chan and Zhou Mengxue scored. Korea went into halftime with a one-point lead, 15-14.

In the second half, South Korea kept the lead close through Kang Kyung-min. Kang was sent to the bench for two minutes for a foul and was awarded a penalty draw, but Jung Jin-hee made the save.

Ryu Eun-hee converted to bring South Korea within 20 points. Ryu Eun-hee drew an attacker's foul on Jin Mengqing to end the opponent's attack. Kim Sun-hwa and Kim Bo-eun scored to make it 22-18.

China continued to make mistakes as the Korean offense, led by Ryu Eun-hee, found success. The gap in skill was exposed and the score increased to 28-19.

In the final minutes of the game, Korea sent in their reserves and won 30-23. 섯다

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