Delayed Introduction of LCK ‘Special Negotiations’

casinositeone 05.03.2024
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Delayed Introduction of LCK ‘Special Negotiations’… Stove League Shakes up the Plate

News has been reported that will shake up the 2023 LCK (League of Legends Champions Korea) Stove League, which will begin at the end of the year.

On the 20th, the LCK announced that it would temporarily postpone the introduction of the designated player special negotiation system that was announced in 2022.

In the special negotiations for designated players, which were scheduled to be applied starting this year, the team designates one player and begins negotiations before the start of the Stove League.

If the player chooses to transfer rather than stay, the current team receives a transfer fee. 카지노사이트원

As the introduction of the designated player special negotiation system is delayed, the burden on game teams seeking to rebuild their teams is expected to decrease.

When the system was introduced, you had to pay a transfer fee to recruit an ace from another team, but this year, there is no need for that.

For example, when the system was implemented, a total of 1.2 billion won was needed to recruit Player A, including an annual salary of 1 billion won and a transfer fee of 200 million won, but now you only have to pay player A an annual salary of 1 billion won.

As there is more room in the budget, more active recruitment becomes possible.

In particular, this year's Stove League is expected to have even more heated competition.

This is because there are many key players on each team whose contracts expire in November.

In Gen.G e-Sports, the winning team of the spring and summer seasons, the contracts of all four players, including Doran (Choi Hyun-jun), Peanut (Han Wang-ho), Chovy (Jung Ji-hoon), and Delight (Yoo Hwan-joong), excluding Phase (Kim Soo-hwan), will end on November 20th of this year.

In addition,

△Zeus (Choi Woo-je), Gu Mayushi (Lee Min-hyung), Keria (Ryu Min-seok) (hereinafter referred to as T1)

△Ki-in (Kim Ki-in), Cuz (Moon Woo-chan), Aiming (Kim Ha-ram), Lehends (Son Si-woo) (hereinafter referred to as KT Roll) (Ster)

△Canna (Kim Chang-dong), Canyon (Kim Geon-bu), Showmaker (Heo Soo), Deft (Kim Hyuk-gyu), Kellyn (Kim Hyeong-gyu) (hereafter Dplus Kia)

△Kingen (Hwang Seong-hoon), Jeka (Kim Geon-woo), Viper (Park Do-hyun) ), Life (Kim Jeong-min) (hereinafter referred to as Hanwha Life Esports), etc., the contracts of each team's leading players will end in November this year.

The LCK said, “We confirmed it at the time of designing the (designated player special negotiation) system, but we went through a process of reviewing regulations in overseas regions in various aspects ahead of actual application.”

“We judged that it would be difficult to introduce it (this year),” he explained.

The League of Legends Champions Korea added that it plans to reorganize the system in a way that can make use of the purpose of introducing the system while considering overseas environments.

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