Ha-seong Kim Excluded From Selection for Three Days in a Row

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Ha-seong Kim Excluded From Selection for Three Days in a Row... “Condition is Improving… I May Return on the 21st”

Complained of abdominal pain of unknown cause since the Auckland game on the 18th.

Kim Ha-seong (27, San Diego Padres), who is complaining of abdominal pain of unknown cause, was left out of the starting lineup for three days in a row. 카지노사이트탑

The American professional baseball team's San Diego team formed its starting lineup without Kim Ha-seong for the game against the Colorado Rockies to be held at Petco Park in San Diego, California, on the 20th (Korean time).

Sander Boharz (shortstop) took the place of number one hitter, which Ha-seong Kim had always maintained, and second base, which is Ha-seong Kim's main position, is held by Matthew Batten in the batting order number seven.

Ha-seong Kim entered the starting lineup against the Oakland Athletics on the 18th, but he was replaced and examined just before the start of the game.

At the time, San Diego Padres coach Bob Melvin said, "It's not appendicitis, but we're not sure what the problem is."

Ha-seong Kim complained to the local San Diego Union Tribune on the 19th,

"The team's medical staff said it was not a big problem, but I have been in pain for several days.

It doesn't feel good."

This season, Ha-Seong Kim has played in 143 games and is active with a batting average of 0.265, 17 home runs, 36 stolen bases, 58 RBI, and 81 runs.

If San Diego plays against Colorado on this day, only 10 games remain in the regular season.

Ha-seong Kim, who only needs to add 3 home runs and 4 stolen bases to become the first Asian player to achieve 20 home runs and 40 stolen bases in the big league, is bound to feel disappointed.

Fortunately, it is not a major problem, and some predict that he may return to the field soon.

MLB . com quoted manager Melvin as saying, "Ha-Sung Kim's condition has improved.

He may return for the final game of the series against Colorado on the 21st."

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