It's been quite an interesting week,and the coming of Madden 24

donnastella123 04.12.2023
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Ravens(+6.5)against Texans--Check out our Game of the Millennium preview in which Ray Rice is the most boring running back in the world,Arian Foster is a fortune teller while Wade Phillips is Frank White.

Packers(-6)on Rams The Rams(-6)at the Packers what it's like to know that Aaron Rodgers is no.1 on everybody's quarterback rankings almost by default?Well games like Sunday night serve as a reminder.24/37,338 yards,6 TDs.If RG3 played this game,there would be thousands of articles about the way he takes on you with his arms and legs and he's in the forefront of all things.But the moment Aaron Rodgers does it,it's like,"Well shit,that's the reason you're Aaron Rodgers."

Cowboys(-2.5)against the Panthers--At some point I'll write an 10,000-word screed that lists through all the ways the Cowboys have driven me insane for the past decade For now I'm happy that I had a flight to catch during that Ravens football game this week.It could have been the final straw for me this season.

Redskins(+6.5)on the road against Giants(6.5)at Giants Osi Umenyora has been very sarcastic in the face of all the Bob Griffin praise this week while Jason Pierre-Paul hasn't been playing it quite so diplomatic(via New York Daily News):

"Don't bring it in my direction.Turn around.We run after quarterbacks all the time.We turn and run to the ball,regardless of what.He might get through us and zoom right past us,but trust me we're right behind him....You'd be stunned.Very surprised."

It's been quite an interesting week,and the coming Super Bowl and the events of Media Day on Tuesday dominating headlines.All of this culminating in Super Bowl 49 on Sunday.There is one last big event before kickoff,however is that of the Madden NFL 24 Honors show on Saturday night.It is the time when the yearly awards will be presented to the best players in the league.At the Madden NFL 24 Honors show is also the time that officially the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2015 will be announced.

The field of finalists for this year was narrowed down to 15 by the beginning of January,a reduction from a number of names that included 26 from the beginning of November 2014.This list features former St.Louis Rams quarterback Kurt Warner,former Denver Broncos running back Terrell Davis,security John Lynch,and coaches Don Coryell,Tony Dungy and Jimmy Johnson.

MUT 24 coins are the virtual currency in Madden 24. They can be used to buy packs and players to help improve your team. Plus, buying Madden 24 coins guarantees you guaranteed coins. Why buy a bundle when you can't even guarantee to earn half a million coins back when you have the option to buy a $100 bundle. In you can spend $100 to get more coins.

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