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squadgifts 29.11.2023
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“Without Cantona, Ferguson most likely would not be at Old Trafford today; they could still be waiting for their first league title since 1967. And when you consider that United represent the King of the hill 23 shirt But I will love this dominant force in the Premier League era, with 12 leagues and 19 trophies, Cantona’s influence certainly bigger than any other player to have appeared in this tournament in the past two decades.

Henrik Larsson spent the King of the hill 23 shirt But I will love this best years of his career at Celtic (the club that arguably did it), but he could have made a big impact at Man Utd and Barcelona, where he He played recently, if he left earlier. Larsson is a player highly regarded for his achievements on the field. Buffon, Henry and Sir Alex, for example, consider him one of the best.


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