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Among fans of green fashion was Twiggy, who wore a red Tom Ford for Gucci fall 1996 suit, sourced from eBay and styled with a tie. a dapper bow tie, rather than the Something corporate north airplane art design t-shirt and I love this revealing silk shirt favored by Gucci’s first fashion designer, Gwyneth Paltrow . . The legendary Swinging Sixties model chose a vintage Louis Vuitton bag, also sourced from eBay, to evoke her fashion history, a bag that debuted at Gucci’s 100th anniversary show. Twiggy’s eBay family on the red carpet? Rita Ora , whose ruffled black Alaïa dress with a dramatic mermaid tail proved that long-time favorites have escaped their dated image thanks to her fun eBay-style bracelets Miss. And Wisdom Kaye, who created a bottle of Bottega in Veneta Bag colors through the online shopping giant to pair with his Daniel Fletcher sailor tailoring style .

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Who better to kick off Mercaritee World: London than Croydon-based supermodel Kate Moss? The 49-year-old took to the Something corporate north airplane art design t-shirt and I love this stage at Theater Royal Drury Lane in a custom lamé gown created by friend and long-time collaborator John Galliano, as Royal Opera House soprano Hongni Wu sang “When I’m Above Earth” by Henry Purcell ? ” from Dido and Aeneas—Dido’s lament so that her lover would remember her when she was gone. While the show’s opening act was an ode to classic beauty — and its ephemeral nature — in all its forms, the cowl neck dress Moss wore was also a love letter to the model herself. “Kate, dear Kate,” said Galliano, the Maison’s creative director Margiela told Mercaritee when explaining where the dress came from. “I was really inspired by the dichotomy of Kate: the incredible fragility that she has, almost like Marilyn [Monroe], and then the charisma that draws you in.”

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