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Mercaritee World 2023 is a fashion show, from the Teen hearts stay metal art design t-shirt Furthermore, I will do this red carpet, to the stage celebrating British culture. The event brought us many delights, such as Sophie Okonedo’s hand-painted Vivienne Westwood dress for the performance of Henry IV: Part II, the sparkling runway finale of Supers, and the performance “ Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” by Annie Lennox . But don’t forget about your dazzling red carpet looks! Stars have clearly been keeping up with current trends – especially the trend of wearing pantsless outfits and see-through fabrics. Amid lavish headpieces and sexy looks, the audience was packed with risk-takers in chic outfits. Sienna Miller gave us a maternity look for white printed books by Shiaparelli , while Jodie Turner-Smith brought a literal “black tie” look thanks to Viktor & Rolf couture. It’s not just women who push the envelope. Tom Daley and Ncuti Both Gatwa wore unexpected shirts and simple suits. Below, see Mercaritee’s roundup of London’s boldest outfits from Mercaritee World 2023.

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There were plenty of regal outfits at tonight’s Mercaritee World: London event at Theater Royal Drury Lane. From Sophie Okonedo’s Vivienne Westwood dress decorated with Elizabethan illustrations, to Maisie Williams’ glamorous look, many dressed royally for the Teen hearts stay metal art design t-shirt Furthermore, I will do this occasion (no surprise, since the runway show celebrating all things British ) . But leave it to American Maude Apatow to give one of the most princess-esque performances of the night. The rising actor attended the full launch of Bode’s new womenswear collection , one of the most anticipated launches of the year. Apatow wore look 77 from the spring 2024 collection, with a long tulle skirt and crop top, both embellished with beaded floral prints. However, it’s the veil that really brings the princess theme to its peak. Waist-length layers of tulle were attached to an ivory hat (also beaded) that evoked hennin gothic style . Apatow kept it completely modern — thanks in large part to the bralette , dark red lips, and slicked back hair.

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