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It was a Bolshevik revolution under the Official let’s Trip Beach Ball Shirt and I love this leadership of Lenin, starting from 1917–23. Communists everywhere came into power through violence and terrible bloodshed. In this revolution they not only killed the entire monarchy but also all those whom they considered not suiting them. They killed some five crore plus people to establish themselves and their government. A Monarchy could never had five crore people from their family line. It had to be those who might not have believed/agreed to their ideology. Communists often eliminate those who do not agree with them or demand democracy. In a communist country, a common man is just like a chicken or lamb, always available for culling. He/she has no voice except what is being told to speak or do. Else he/she hasto face the wrath of the party bosses/ leaders.

By assumption of the Official let’s Trip Beach Ball Shirt and I love this disease modelling experts, we will see Covid-19 peak by mid August. By this assumption we will be able to control the spread of the disease by October.. By October, we will be able to flatten the covid-19 growth curve. Assuming, all the prepations are there, UPSC pre will be conducted. So I would recommend, keep youself ready for examination. This is only July. We have 3 more months. Anything can happen. Let us be positive. We are not waiting for the pandemic to be over. It has to slowdown. From here, we can get back to our normal work slowly. This is one of the worst phases in the life of UPSC aspirants.On the night after the exam ,instead of sleeping peacefully you tend to think whether to match your answer or not .Those who do it in the evening itself ,try to justify their answers by frantically searching for the questions .They think “why didn’t I mark this instead of that “,”what if I had marked that I would have saved my negative marks “ and many more such questions keep you awake .Some more sleepless nights go in thinking about the cut off .Asking here and there on various channels ,coaching institutes , Whatsapp groups takes significant portion of your valuable time .So how does one cope with it ?


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