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See ,this is quite natural behaviour and you are bound to do this ,even I was caught in the Best let’s trip carnival arch shirt also I will do this same trap .But , try to wrap up all this in two-three days and start on the Fourth or fifth day after the exam .I will divide the aspirants into three categories and their future course of action . 1)Those who are sure of not clearing the prelims :You should take a break of around 10 days and start fresh .Don’t indulge in answer writing at this point of time .Instead try to start your optional now along with revision of basic subjects . 2)Those who are sure of clearing the prelims :You should take a break of 2–3 days and start with full energy .Try to complete your optional ,World history and ethics in these 40 days till prelims results are out .You can take out time on Sundays for Essay writing. 3)Those who are on the borderline:You should also take a break and just follow point 2 .After results are declared ,you can proceed accordingly .

The 3rd ones are the Best let’s trip carnival arch shirt also I will do this most vulnerable as they tend to lose 40 days for next year’s preparation also and thus reduce their chances for selection in next year too. Hope this helps .Paper was definitely tough this year with very limited direct questions but one thing is sure those who had the art of analysing current affairs will definitely clear the prelims . Also monthly current affairs session were held on Zo where the monthly magazine was discussed and relevant portions were told along with linking them to static as well as mains preparation.A part of video is available at YouTube channel of Askthetopper. This time I was quite confident because in my last attempts I had learnt one thing that if you are good at static portion, 70 percent job done. And what is the score needed to crack civil services examination prelims is 49 Percent according to last two cut off. My strategy was to do 100 percent of that 70 percent and I left current affairs because I knew if I go for Current affairs then my static portion is going to suffer.


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