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As of right now I plan on becoming an engineer of an unspecified field. I have felt that engineering would suit me well for a long time because I have always been better with numbers than other subjects. Throughout the course I have learned that the best knowledge come from experience the field yourself or talking to people who already have a career in that field. Engineering always interested me because it is basically finding solutions to problems and designing the solution in the most effective way possible, whether that be providing the most efficient use of energy or producing the minimum amount of waste. Some of the engineering fields I am interested in includes mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, and industrial engineering. Arborist  Mechanical engineering interests me rate of 88.5%. The third place university is University of Toronto with a graduation rate of 86%. These numbers were calculated from six years of data and then averaged to get the graduation rate. Each university’s data comes directly from the university databases. This information is helpful when trying to find a university to study mechanical engineering. With this data you know what university from which you would have the highest chance of graduating from. 

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Arborist rug

This means that you will be able to A design course is usually the way to go but having a course study that included mathematics and the physical and life sciences would further benefit the engineer since they’ll be a more defined engineer.” (Bureau, 6). Many colleges offer two or four year degree programs in engineering. For example, Arborist Penn State offers what they call a 2+2 program. The program lets the student do his undergraduate studies at any of the branch campuses throughout Pennsylvania for the first two years. After those two years, the student will then be admitted to the main campus in University Park to complete their graduate studies. The main difference between the set of two years is that for the first two years, you’ll be doing your core courses as well as courses designed for your intended major. When you get to the main campus, that’s where you’ll focus primarily on your specific field of engineering with other students from across the state. “Businesses often look for college graduates who studied through a four year program instead of a two year.” (Bureau, 6). 

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Graduate training is essential if you were to want to earn promotions within a certain company. This training isn’t required for most entry-level jobs. All fifty states and the District of Columbia require that any engineer who offers their services to the public to have a license or they can be fined heavily for it. These licenses are good for up to four years and must be renewed much like a driver’s. It is very easy to get burnt out. Arborist  Doing school work and focusing on something non-stop takes its toll. For a while, I spent a lot of time by myself. I did talk to friends and hang out with them occasionally, but I did not get super social. A lot of that has changed recently, though. Going through tough classes makes it very easy to meet people. I’ve gotten to know a lot of the people in my Statics and Calculus classes. This can especially be helpful for first generation students as described in First in the Family. “Many first-generation college students notice that their classmates are much better prepared for demanding college work than they are. As you make connections with other students in and out of class, you can also call on them for help, feedback, and advice.” 

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