Only old people know how to rock Rod Stewart signature shirt

myhollybox 02.12.2020
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Why are their hands like they’re doing an amen sign when they don’t even believe in God? They’re wearing Republicans color too. Bunch of Weirdos Their opposition is inconsequential because the president must perform his constitutional duties until the last minute of his tenure.can people be any more stupid then playing dress up from a TV show and want to be taken seriously? No matter what you’re protesting against ACB for Supreme Court Justice it doesn’t count. The votes from the Republicans Senators are the ones that are counted.Tell me Fox fake news did you report that you pretend super spreader president covid19 treatment included stem cells from abortions? Maybe you should try reporting factual news for once instead of propaganda for trump! You are all in it for the money and power and nothing else! They are really big on costumes, and all dressing alike. I thought we quit doing that after we left Jr. High.

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