Bài mẫu Describe a Person - IELTS Speaking Part 2

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Describe a person (Mô tả người) là một trong những chủ đề lớn quan trọng trong IELTS Speaking Part 2. Để có thể xử lý tốt chủ đề này, các bạn hãy cùng IELTS CITY tham khảo từ vựng, cấu trúc và bài mẫu band 7.5 về topic Describe a person tại bài viết này nhé!

Bài mẫu Describe a person – IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe a person in your family

You should say:

– who this person is;

– describe some things you have done together;

– and explain why you like this person.

I’d like to talk about my father, who holds a special place in my heart. My dad is a pillar of strength and wisdom in our family.

Over the years, my dad and I have shared countless memorable moments. One of the most cherished activities we engage in is hiking. We’ve explored various trails, from serene woods to challenging mountain paths. These hikes have given us an opportunity to connect with nature and each other, sharing stories, laughter, and even the occasional struggle. Our hiking adventures have not only strengthened our bond but also taught me valuable lessons about perseverance and the beauty of the outdoors.

Moreover, my dad has been my guiding light. His practical advice and unwavering support have played a pivotal role in shaping my perspective on life. His dedication to his work and family is truly admirable. He leads by example, demonstrating the importance of hard work, kindness, and integrity.

What truly stands out about my dad is his ability to listen and offer thoughtful insights. Whether it’s a tough decision or a moment of celebration, he’s always there with a patient ear and words of wisdom. His presence is calming and reassuring, making it easy to open up to him about anything.

In conclusion, my father is not just a family member but also my role model and confidant. Our shared experiences, especially our hiking adventures, have created lasting memories. His unwavering support, guidance, and genuine care make him someone I deeply admire and love. My dad’s influence on my life is immeasurable, and I’m grateful to have him as a constant source of strength and inspiration.

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