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 A fifth-generation musician, Vincent’s career began at age 5, (The Beatles Abbey Road Halloween Hello Darkness My Old Friend Face Mask) singing gospel songs with her family’s band, The Sally Mountain Show. Her father bought her a snare drum for her sixth birthday and at the age of 8 she started playing mandolin. She began guitar lessons at age 10 and later added fiddle. Vincent released her first solo album in 1988 and followed with two more in the 1990s. In 2000, Vincent released the bluegrass album “Back Home Again” with the goal of expanding both the musical reach and accessibility of the genre. It was enormously successful and Vincent hasn’t looked back since. The Rage is Hunter Berry on the fiddle, Brent Burke on dobro, Mickey Harris playing bass, Aaron McDavis on banjo and Josh Williams with the guitar. Rhonda Vincent and The Rage have been nominated for numerous Grammy Awards and won the 2017 Best Bluegrass Album. Vincent was named IBMA’s Female Vocalist of the Year an unprecedented seven consecutive times from 2000-2006 and won again in 2015; they have won the Entertainer of the Year award twice (2001 and 2013); and Vincent was part of three Recorded Events of the Year (2001, 2004, and 2008) in addition to many more IBMA awards.

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