Michael Myer Face Mask

bbqua24 01.11.2020
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 Michael Myer Face Mask. With spooky season (AKA any days following August 31st), it's time to break out the chilly-weather clothing, fire up Netflix, and seek out all the horror movies to watch through October 31st. Some horror fans are perfectly content living vicariously through the characters on the TV screen, and some will always look for just a bit more realism in their horror adventure. One way to do that is by visiting the locations where movies were filmed and, luckily, there are plenty of horror flicks out there with real-life movie sets. Some of these movies were even inspired by the locations at which they were filmed, and while Hollywood does get a lot of credit for its man-made sets, the US is full of movie-worthy settings. For horror fans, having the chance to visit the place where a movie was filmed is the epitome of horror fandom.

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