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 Education has been a powerful instrument that guides the society in achieving human desires and aspirations. It is in the nature of human beings to have big dreams in life. Everyone desires to be successful and lead a prosperous lifestyle. Personalized blessed by God spoiled by my husband protected by both However, a successful life is a fruit of good education. I believe in the value of education because it has the power to transform one from nothing to something. From a naïve young boy or girl to a future president, banker, pilot, accountant and computer scientist among many more successful careers. Therefore, education is the most important tool that children can inherit from their parents. I come from a family of Through education, I am not blinded by the differences in people in terms of race, ethnicity, color, culture, and religion. Rather, I appreciate diversity in the human race knowing that we are all equal and deserve fair treatment. Education has given me the power to avoid bias and prejudice. Education has opened up my mind and the belief in possibilities. I was taught that we can be anything we aspire to be as long as we put effort and work towards our dreams. 

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Personalized blessed by God spoiled by my husband protected by both tumbler

Education has become an essential component of human life because there are endless opportunities with proper education. School attendance opens up doors for academic excellence as well as economic success. As a result, I value the power of education because it can take a person to places never envisioned. On the other hand, I have firsthand experience in the suffering experienced by most uneducated people. One of my cousins dropped out of high school during his teenage years. Personalized blessed by God spoiled by my husband protected by both  He could not find a decent job and once he found a job, the pay was not sustainable. He has endured a lot until recently when he decided to go back to school because he realized his childhood dreams cannot be achieved with proper education. I attended Lincoln Elementary Magnet School in Albany, Georgia. I had the toughest teachers in elementary school. My fourth-grade math teacher, Mrs. Jones made us do. “One, two, buckle my shoe. Three, four, knock at the door. Five, six, pick up sticks.” 

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Going to school used to be fun! I couldn’t wait to get to class and see what new song I would be learning that day, so I could sing it the whole ride home. The value of my education changed when I got to middle school. It just wasn’t fun anymore. School became more of a job, rather than a learning experience. The importance of my education I had to start with me. No one wanted to learn for me, I had to want to succeed for myself, and I wish I didn’t have to learn that the hard way. Personalized blessed by God spoiled by my husband protected by both  Many people in my generation do want things handed to them without having to put forth much effort, but for most people if they are encouraged, especially by educators to do great students will want to go above and beyond. Most students attend school just to receive a diploma or to get a degree these days, simply because throughout school parents, administrators and even some friends always say you can’t do anything without a diploma. McDonald’s will not even hire you without a high school diploma. Students go to school to earn a grade, not to learn. I was one of those students. I paid enough attention just so I could pass a test, then never bothered to revisit what I learned. My elementary school education sticks out in my mind the most. 

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