I was bit by a Vampire Unicorn now I’m Magical shirt

ndta2019 31.10.2020
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 Prayers to the family. Questions I have. Underlying health issues? Not answered. Where did she contract the virus? She was doing remote learning, so she didn’t get it from her students. God, it's tough, the COVID. Many are working hard on a safe, effective vaccine, which takes time for testing, alas. Kudos to them. Meanwhile, mask up when in public. Protect the elders/infirm. You could be carrying. Follow the rules. Heather WashburnSteve StarkIncredibly is sad. Hate that so many people are dying from this Virus, and a large portion of our country won’t even wear a mask to save someone’s life. So sad to lose a talented teacher. Her family has not only lost her, but scores of children lost an important mentor in a consequential school year. McMaster needs to stop being Trump’s servant.

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