How Many Cricut Maker Blades are Available Inside Box?

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Are you tired of searching for Cricut Maker Blades? If yes, we are here to help you by sharing all kinds of details related to cutting machine blades. Choosing the correct blade is the key to getting the best results and clean cuts. However, all the Crafters need to know which blade will be compatible with the Maker machine.

Apart from that, one should know how to handle it and the correct time to use the blade. On the other hand, an individual must be very alert while handling the attachments during the process. However, before practically creating the project, all users must grab general details from this blog.

1. Perforation Blade, Basic

Among the Cricut Maker blades collection, you’ll get smooth and effortless tears with precise perforation cuts through this blade. One has to snap the tip onto the Quick Swap Housing to get the uniform, finely perforated design lines. Apart from that, the spaced lines allow the users to tear out the materials without folding them.

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2. Wavy Blade

Get the decorative and praise-worthy edge at half-time by dragging this blade with gently curving cuts for various projects. Specially engineered, this sculpted stainless steel blade is the best choice for iron-on, vinyl, paper, card stock etc. Other than that, you can expand this cutting machine collection by adding various Quick Swap tools for the coming projects.

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3. Knife Blade

These extra-deep Cricut Maker blades slice through the thickest material up to 3/32 inch thick without any damage or injuring yourself. However, it’s ideal for cutting down moderate details on thick material such as balsa wood, mat board and chipboard. However, it should be used with a Knife blade drive housing, nothing else.

4. Premium Fine-Point Blade

Generated from premium German carbide steel, these blades are designed for making intricate imaginary cuts into reality, covering the thinnest to medium-weighted materials. Besides, this blade is golden in a color that comes along with the gold Premium Fine-Point housing or silver Fine-Point housing. In earlier times, it was known as the Premium German Carbide blade.

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5. Deep Point Blade

Among the fine point blade series of Cricut Maker blades is the Deep Point blade holding a steeper blade angle (60 degrees vs 45 degrees for other fine point blades) and harder, more durable steel. It is highly recommended for intricate cuts on the thickest materials, which include magnets, chipboard, stamp material, thick card stock and many more.

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6. Bonded-Fabric Blade

Isn’t it obvious that DIYERS shouldn’t use Fabric scissors to cut other materials while crafting the project? This blade plays the same role as the Premium Fine-Point blade but comes in pink color to match the Fabric Grip mat. It will help you know which fine-point blade is loyal to bonded fabrics. setup


Question: How Long Do Cricut Blades Last?

Answer: All beginners must be wondering about the life span of the blades during the process. However, they are informed that the durability of a single blade lasts up to 3-6 months depending upon how frequently the blade has been used, the type of material which the blade has cut down, how often you’ve cleaned the blade, and its replacement timing.

Question: How to Change the Blade in the Cricut Maker machine?

Answer: Follow the steps to learn about how to change Cricut Maker blades:

First, you’ve to remove the blade housing by opening Clamp B.

Second, gently push the pin on the top of the housing and pull out the blade from the bottom.

Third, carefully unwrap the new blade and insert it into the housing.

Now, the housing magnet will hold the new blade in place.

Next, replace the blade housing to the machine by returning to Clamp B & close it.

Question: Do Cricut Blades get Dull?

Answer: Just like any other accessory, the Cricut blades get dull after a specific period. You’ll notice its dullness when it won’t be able to cut the materials as per the expectations and will complete the cutting process slowly. However, one can sharpen the blade by making a ball out of aluminum foil and rubbing it over the blade 40-50 times until it gets shined.

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