What is the best Ghana airline to fly with?

killiandivine 30.11.2023
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Ghana being one of the African countries always consider one of the mainstream economic and cultural hubs where people from all over the world come and visit this place. Most people from Europe and from other parts of the world come to this land by air. You can also avail of cheap Qatar Airways flights to Ghana and visit this amazing place and explore the new world especially the naturally build wild animal habitat, which you no often see in other parts of the world except Africa. Traveler has their own choices to choose the airline to visit Ghana and to travel domestically. Here we will discuss some of the best Ghana airlines and will learn how they are serving their customers by competing with the others brands in the market.

According to a survey currently around six domestic airlines are operating in Ghana which is taking passengers to their desired destinations between the major cities of the countries. The most popular air companies of them are Passion Air, Africa World Airlines, Aerogem Aviation Ghana Airlines, Gianair, and Antrak Airlines. These airlines charge even less than USD$50 to travel within the country.

1-Passion Air:

This airline company was founded in 2018 and marked very sharp momentum in the existing airline companies. This airline is famous for the low cost and affordable tickets and they are providing air services to some specific cities only with few aircraft.

2-Africa World Airlines:

Headquarters of the Africa World Airlines is located in Accra. This airline was established in 2010 and mostly this airline focused on domestic travel. This airline also covers the African continent and South African countries.

3-Aerogem Aviation Ghana Airlines:

This airline company is a passenger and also cargo airline which mostly used for transportation for Offshore Oil locations. This airline provides services to carry fuel supply to the western areas of Ghana city which is mostly used for Helicopters.


This private aviation company is providing services that include executive charter, emergency rescue, and private tours. This airline provides services on a regular basis that take travelers to the various cities of Ghana.

5-Amtrak Airlines:

This is one of the best quality airlines which is very highly reputed in Ghana. This airline provides services all across the country. Aircraft like ATR-42 and ATR-72 is the part of the fleet of the company. This airline is one of the best executions of modern entrepreneurship in Africa which is running successfully in the country.

6-Royal Fly:

Royal Fly was established in 2011 and runs gracefully in the country with high repute. This airline initially started flights from Accra to Kumasi but then more routes were included and now this has become the best airline in the country, which provides the best services and facilities to their passengers. Qatar Business Class is also lavish and luxurious to the Ghana. New routes like Dakar Senegal, Cameroon, and Logos, Benin are included in the destination of the air company. Daily services to various destinations are being provided by this airline which is why many passengers choose this flight with more loyalty.

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