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So, when Marden’s daughter, Mirabelle, asked Jeffers to create a photography series for the Awesome you re never too old to need your dad 2023 shirt so you should to go to store and get this hotel, he agreed. But instead of settling for just scenic shots (which, with Golden Rock’s tropical-colored bungalows, pool by Ed Tuttle, and greenery-filled grounds designed by the aptly named Raymond Jungles, Jeffers could have easily done), he decided to make a statement. “Within the context of imagery that markets tourism, it’s very rare that you would see images of Black people and people of color at leisure,” he explains. “That’s something I really wanted to make happen.” And he did.Jeffers spent 10 days at the Golden Rock envisioning his project with locally-cast models. He dreamed up the different types of guests that typically frequent a resort—young families, couples, solo travelers, those looking for adventure, and those looking to do nothing at all—and the various things they might get up to there. A mother smothers sunscreen on her child by the pool. A couple walks hand and hand to dinner, their backs to their camera and eyes on each other. A young girl holds a pink cotton dress up to the mirror in her room, wondering if it fits her mood. Jeffers captures the staff at Golden Rock, too, but as solo subjects rather than secondary characters—a role they are so often relegated to.Photo: Kacey Jeffers

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