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wavetclothingllc 22.09.2023
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Frankly too, if you want to wear your bts merch wear it. In the Do something 2023 shirt it is in the first place but end just be confident and don’t be bothered by others who might judge you, it’s not like it’s them who would wear your merch. People need to get a life if they even bother being so judgmental. A hoodie itself is not bad. It’s just a sweatshirt with a head covering attached. But unfortunately, it’s how hoodies are used by criminals that makes them problematic. Hoodies help hide your identity and that is why criminals wear them. This is the reason why hoodies with the hoods up need to be banned indoors. Period. It’s hard for me to understand why some can’t understand the reason why hoodies need to be banned indoors. It’s like wondering why it’s not okay to wear pantyhose over your face.

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